Let me introduce you to a place where I would NEVER ever be seen in! The haunted house of the Nightmares Fear Factory in Canada. What’s good about it??

They’ve installed a hidden camera next to something(?) realllllyyyy frightening! All we can see is some legs shaking, teeth grinding and hearts stopping!! What could possibly be scaring them off?? It results in some great pictures and therefore I am very curious to know what it is! Do you have any idea?






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  1. it’s not just ONE really scary thing. there are several scary moments. the haunted factory is actually a former coffin factory. its a 10-15 minute walk-through so there are many scares throughout. there’s actually 2 cameras set up in 2 separate locations. one video camera as well. access the YouTube channel from the website
    what’s scaring them? tough to tell. it’s pitch black inside and you are led by a trial of re lights. some people are more scared than others. everyone is different. Nightmares preys on everyone’s individual fears and phobias! visit if you dare 😉

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